Special constructions

To meet the increasing number of inquiries regarding various design solutions from the clients’ sides, we have added to our offer new services tailored to Clients requests.

We have experienced team of specialized employees and technical facilities enabling the design and implementation of non-typical structure elements. We adapt solutions to existing technical and organizational conditions so that they fulfill their task in an optimal way.
We are designing constructions that meet specific Clients requirements basing on our own documentation, taking into account the technical conditions or using the customer’s technical documentation. We have experience in innovative projects that we have successfully implemented in many places.

We guarantee products that can be described by following characteristics: the highest quality of performance, long life, appropriate price for the value of the product.

If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form or by phone:

Contact person: Adam Dubiel – Tel. +49 171 540 8392

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Ansprechpartner: Adam Dubiel
Tel. +49 171 540 8392